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    April 2017: Promotion Event at the Battle of Brandywine by Grandmaster Rick Johnson and his Grandmaster council. 

Left to Right: Master Paco Solis, Master Steve Hanford, Master Jimmy Snowberger, Master Mike Viola, Grandmaster Roger Lee Rayburn I, Master Kelli Smith Snowberger, Grandmaster Jim Snowberger, Grandmaster Tom Cleaver, Grandmaster Bob Walden, Grandmaster Rodney Kauffman, and Grandmaster Rick Johnson.

What a great honor to have this group of Masters and Grandmasters, many thanks. 


   Left to Right: Grand Master Jim Snowberger, Superfoot Bill Wallace, Master Jimmy Snowberger  (Mar 2017)

                       Carroll County Old Settlers Demonstration 2016


  Left to Right: Master Jimmy Snowberger, Sensei Joseph Telfer, Sensei Hayden Mackey, and Grand Master Jim Snowberger



World Championship Tournament - Jamaica (Feb2017)

USA Martial Arts Team representing Snow's Mixed Martial Arts Federation